Y9-2 1912 Simplex

Issued 1968 Scale 1:48 navigation buttons
Withdrawn - orig.price 0.34
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This Simplex must not be confused with the Mercedes-Simplex or the American Simplex. This car resulted from the desire of Smith and Mablet, the US importers of Fiat, Renault, Panhard and Mercedes marques, to produce the best car that could be built in America. The cars were designed by Edward Franquist and built entirely in Smith and Mablet's seven story factory in New York. Simplex were reputed to offer the last American cars to use chain drive in 1914.

The first issue Yesteryear model was produced in a lime green colour. This was soon changed to mid green and is the colour of the more common variations. Most of these issues have a smooth tan roof but slightly scarcer issues have a textured roof. From 1970 until 1973 the model was issued with a dark gold body with a metallic dark red chassis and a black roof. All three main colour variations are shown in the picture.

As with some other models in the Yesteryear range, the roofs of early issues were attached to the body. However to aid production, this method was changed by affixing the roof to seat pins so the seat and roof could be attached as one assembly.

Most issues can be found at swapmeets for between 15 and 30. The most sought after model is the lime green issue one which is usually only slightly more expensive than the more common issues.


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