Y9-1 1924 Fowler Showmans Engine

Issued 1958 Scale 1:80 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1968 orig.price 0.12
Available Box Types

This model is probably the most attractive in the range and must have caused quite a stir when it was first released in 1958. Compared with the rather crude first series models the Fowler was an excellent example of the diecaster's art. This was a very popular model and production continued until 1968. Probably the best indication of the age of the model is the colour. Early issues were dark maroon with a cream roof as in the picture. Throughout production the colour lightened and from 1965 the model was issued in bright red with a white roof. Some very rare examples can be found with a slightly metallic light purple body.

As with other models in the range, the amount of gold trim reduced through the production life. The first issue had full gold trim including the cylinder block. The gold on the cylinder block was soon omitted and the first issue is quite scarce.

Most issues can be found between 80 and 120 in mint boxed condition. The first issue is usually for sale nearer the 200 mark and the very rare light purple issues around 300.


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