Y8-3 1914 Stutz Type 4E Roadster

Issued 1969 Scale 1:48 navigation buttons
Withdrawn - orig.price 0.36
Available Box Types

This roadster was the last of a group of pre World War I American cars issued by Lesney at the end of the 1960s. During the period covered by these pages this Yesteryear was only issued in a metallic red colour scheme. However the red did vary slightly in shade, both between models and between the body and chassis castings.

Early models had a smooth tan roof which was replaced by a textured version. Most issues had dark green seats and either a red or green grille. However, the last issue in the metallic red colour did sport pinky red seats with a maroon grille. This issue is quite scarce and is usually found for more than 60. Most other issues are available between 15 and 30.

A variation worth seeking out has a brass petrol tank rather than the more common copper version. This is also around 60.


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