Y8-2 1914 Sunbeam Motorcycle

Issued 1962 Scale 1:34 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1969 orig.price 0.15
Available Box Types

This Yesteryear model represents a Sunbeam motorcycle with a Milford side-car which was a very popular combination in its day. The model is extremely finely detailed and best appreciated very close up. However, it was not particularly well received when it was first issued mainly due to its rather unusual plated appearance. The chrome plate must not be confused with the plating of the models in the giftware series. The plate on the latter was much more fragile and prone to damage. Motor cycle enthusiasts also complained about the lack of hand controls and footrests. However, now it is one of the most sought after models.

The most common variation has a black motorcycle seat and a dark green seat in the side car. These models can be found, in mint boxed condition, between 35 and 60. Very rarely models with emerald green or black side car seats can be seen for sale for prices over 300. However, be careful when considering the purchase of such models. At a recent swapmeet I thought I had found a black seated version for an ordinary issue price. However, on closer examination it was clear that the seat had been painted!

A pale gold plated issue also exists but this is extremely rare and would fetch in excess of 600.

I have two issues of this model, one of which is not catalogued. This model has open front forks with a sidecar axle brace.

The two more common variations have the front forks open as on the left, or closed as on the right.


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