Y8-1 1926 Morris Cowley Bullnose

Issued 1958 Scale 1:50 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1962 orig.price 0.12
Available Box Types

The first Morris was built in Cowley, Oxford (UK) in 1912. The car had a rounded radiator design which lead to its nickname of 'bullnose'. By the mid 1920s the Morris Cowley and the Morris Oxford were best sellers. The Morris Cowley had a 1500cc engine and the Oxford a larger 1800cc engine, both being very reliable. By 1927 the rounded radiator 'bullnose' was replaced by a flat design.

The Yesteryear model represents a two seater saloon version of the 'bullnose' Cowley, the first saloon in the Yesteryear range. It has a dickey seat in the back that can be opened or closed. There are few recorded variations of this first series model. The colour was always tan with a dark brown chassis. However, the tan colour could be either dark or light in shade. In fact it is not unusual to find models with light or dark bodies with the opposite shade dickey seat (the model I have is light tan with dark tan dickey seat). Early models had crimped axles which gave way to riveted version later in production.

All variations can be found between 60 and 100 in mint boxed condition.


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