Y7-3 1912 Rolls Royce

Issued 1968 Scale 1:48 navigation buttons
Withdrawn - orig.price 0.34
Available Box Types

The Rolls Royce company was founded in 1906 and in that year the magnificent 40/50 model was released. It was supplied in chassis form only so that the customers could have the body build by the coach builder of their choice. Many variations van be found with the 40/50 chassis, including the famous Silver Ghost and a light armoured car used during W.W.I. The Yesteryear Y7-3 is an example of a 40/50 Landau by Barker.

Throughout our period of interest, the Y7-3 was only produced with a silver body and dark red chassis. The main variations can be found in the form and colour of the roof. The first issues were dark red or grey and smooth. However it soon became apparent that the roof tended to warp during manufacture. To cure this problem ribs were added to the topside rear as illustrated in the picture. Subsequent issues appeared with either dark red or grey roofs. However issues with a grey ribbed roof are quite scarce and can fetch more than 60. Most other issues can be purchased for 15-25 in mint boxed condition at swapmeets. An extremely rare variation does exist which has yellow seats rather than the more common colour of dark red. This model can reach prices in excess of 300.

The smooth and ribbed roof types.


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