Y5-2 1929 4 Litre Bentley

Issued 1962 Scale 1:52 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1969 orig.price 0.15
Available Box Types

The 1929 4 litre Bentley was one of the last cars to be built before Bentley was taken over by Rolls Royce. Only 50 were ever produced.

The very early Yesteryear models had a distinct 'apple green' colouring. After complaints from the Bentley Owners Club this colour was changed to British racing green which was the colour of all subsequent issues.

Up until 1964 the radiator was cast along with the body and so the shell was sprayed the same colour. The radiator grille itself was painted silver. From 1964 the radiator/shell was formed from a separate casting. This component was plated silver and gives an appearance closer to the original car, as well as being easier to manufacture.

The seats and tonneau were moulded from plastic. Most issues were in varying shades of red although some models can be found with this component in green which gives a more pleasing appearance.

This model was an extremely good seller for Lesney but still maintains higher values than other second series models. Expect to pay over 20 for mint boxed examples of the common issue 25 (Number 5, green seats, silver radiator shell) but for other regular issues expect to pay over 30. The scarce 'apple green' models are very rare and command over 250.


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