Y5-1 1929 Le Mans Bentley

Issued 1958 Scale 1:55 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1962 orig.price 0.12
Available Box Types

This Bentley was the first car in the Yesteryear range. It depicts the 1929 Le Mans team car. However, these cars were not supercharged but this model clearly has a 'blower' between its dumbirons!

Early models have the folded down hood hand painted in grey. This proved too expensive and so was left green in later models. Models appear with either a silver, gold or green radiator shell. The wheels should be classified as strictly solid. However the spokes are depicted by raised relief. As with some other first series models the wheels were attached to early models by crimping. This was later changed to a riveted technique.

Most of the issues can be found for approximately 50 to 80 in mint boxed condition. There are no particularly valuable variations although those with the grey painted hood are quite rare and will cost a little more.

This model can change colour quite alarmingly if exposed to strong sunlight. I have seen blue examples for sale at swapmeets that are a clear result of sunstroke!

I have two issue 4 models, one unboxed and chipped and purchased for 5 whilst the other was bought as a replacement for 20 and is unboxed but mint.


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