Y4-1 1928 Sentinel Steam Wagon

Issued 1956 Scale 1:100 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1960 orig.price 0.11
Available Box Types

This Yesteryear was based on a Sentinel which delivered flour to a bakery near to the Lesney factory. There are only four listed variations of this model. All models were blue, red and yellow. Early models had crimped axles whereas the later (and scarcer) models have riveted axles.

The issue in my collection is issue 2 with full gold trim. The central roof support can be missing as a result of the casting being broken during production. My model has this detail bent inward which clearly happened before the model was sprayed. Most models have grenodised wheels. However the last issue 'borrowed' black plastic wheels from the 1-75 Miniature range and is very rare. Mint boxed versions of the 'standard' issues can be found at swapmeets for between 50 and 80.


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