Y3-1 1907 London 'E' Class Tramcar

Issued 1956 Scale 1:130 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1965 orig.price 0.11
Available Box Types

Although dated at 1907 this tram is not totally unlike those running not long before the introduction of this model. The last tram to be operational in London was withdrawn in 1952.

This is the most common of the first series models and is not the most sophisticated in the range. It always appeared in this colour with slight variations in the style of the printing of the advertising banners. Variations are limited to shape and colour of the cow catcher (grey or white), whether access to the upper deck is open or closed and whether the wheels are metal or plastic. The roof can be either cream or white. Expect to pay over 40 for most examples. The rarest variations have a grey baseplate rather than the more common black. Expect to pay over 200 if buying these rare models from a dealer.


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