Y2-2 1911 Renault Two Seater

Issued 1963 Scale 1:40 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1970 orig.price 0.15
Available Box Types

The three models in my collection are two of the first issue and the final issue. The first issue is quite hard to find and has a metal steering wheel with a four pronged spare wheel carrier. I have examples having both plated (brass) and unplated (silver) components. The unplated version (shown on the right) is quite rare.

By 1968, when the final issue was released, the spare wheel carrier had been replaced with a 3 pronged version and the steering wheel changed to plastic. Most issues can be found at swapmeets for 10-20 although higher prices must be expected if bought through dealers.

Issue 1 on the left showing the raised panel on the radiator casting above the bonnet. All other issues have this casting extended down the side of the bonnet as illustrated on the right.


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