Y2-1 1911 'B' Type London Bus

Issued 1956 Scale 1:100 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1963 orig.price 0.11
Available Box Types

This first series model sports a little blue or black driver. The model is quite crude when compared with others in the range but nevertheless it is a fine piece of work. Throughout its production life the model retained its 'London Bus' red colour. By the end of production the wheels had changed to black from the grenodised grey colour. The two models in my collection are issue 5 with grey, crimped wheels and blue driver and issue 20 with the black wheels.

The main variations to look out for are the early 4/4 window design, as opposed to the more common later 8/4 design. The extremely rare variations have the 4/4 windows and a dark blue driver. These can command up to 400. Expect to pay over 60 for mint boxed examples of the more common variations.

8 small windows over 4 main windows giving rise to the description of 8/4 windows.


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