Y1-2 1911 Ford Model 'T'

Issued 1964 Scale 1:42 navigation buttons
Withdrawn - orig.price 0.25
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One of the most significant landmarks in motoring history occurred on 1st October 1908 when Ford launched the Model T. The success of the car was due to the implementation of mass production techniques in 1914 and the use of interchangeable parts, in an era when most other cars were virtually hand built. Several different body shapes of the Model T were built, the Yesteryear being the four seated version.

From its release in 1964 until the closing date of these pages, this model only appeared in its red and black colour scheme. Apparently, the fact that this model is not all black, as preferred by Henry Ford, is not really an error as Henry Ford made his pronouncement that a car can be "any colour as long as it is black" after 1911! The two models in my collection are issue 2 with the red metal steering wheel and issue 4 with the black plastic wheel. Expect to find these and other common issues for between 10 and 20. The two issues that are particularly sought after are issue 1, with a twin handbrake lever, and the final model to be issued in the red and black colour scheme which has a black textured roof, as opposed to the more common smooth version. These two rarities can be seen for sale at prices above 100!


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