Y1-1 1925 Allchin Traction Engine

Issued 1956 Scale 1:80 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1965 orig.price 0.11
Available Box Types

This rather elegant little model was the first to be issued in the Yesteryear range. Throughout the production life it maintained its colour scheme of green and red. Later models appear in a somewhat brighter green than earlier models. The main variation can be found with the wheels. Very early models had straight un painted treads and command very high prices (above 200 m&b). The treads then progressed to angled, painted and unpainted with the last issues having smooth, unpainted wheels. These last issues are extremely rare and command prices in excess of 500. In general, expect to pay around 100 from a dealer for a 'standard issue' and around 50 or so at a swapmeet. These prices, in common with all those quoted on these pages, are of course for mint, boxed examples. For unboxed and even slightly imperfect models expect to pay significantly less.

The version I have in my collection is issue19 with a silver boiler door. This is quite a scarce variation as the boiler door is more commonly gold or copper. Green boiler doors are in fact the scarcest. This model is unboxed with a slight chip behind the boiler. I paid 10 for this at a local swapmeet - if you look bargains can be found!

  The rear wheel diagonal tread of the most common Allchins.


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