Y16-2 1928 Mercedes Benz SS Coupe

Issued 1972 Scale 1:45 navigation buttons
Withdrawn - orig.price 0.50
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This car belonged to a range of Mercedes sports racers which began in 1926 with the K and continued in 1927 with the S and in 1928 with the SS and SSKL. The SS (short for Super Sports) had a 7.1 litre 225 bhp engine. Caracciola won the 128 German Grand Prix on the Nurburgring, driving an SS for the first time.

The first issue of this Yesteryear model is a keenly sought after variation. This issue has the rear axle differential cast into the baseplate. It was found that assembling the rear axle with this detail in place was quite difficult and was soon removed. Only two other variations exist within our time period. These either have black textured or black smooth rear luggage trunk.

The first issue cannot normally be found below 100 whilst the other issues are usually 20-40 in mint boxed condition.

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