Y16-1 1904 Spyker

Issued 1961 Scale 1:45 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1972 orig.price 0.14
Available Box Types

The Spyker company was formed in Holland by Jacobus Spijker and his younger brother in 1900. Spyker's entire output between 1904 and 1906 were exported to Britain.

The Yesteryear model depicts one of the veteran automobile that starred in the 1953 film Genevieve. Genevieve was actually a Darracq driven by John Gregson and the Spyker was driven by Kenneth More.

This model has lead to some of the most extra ordinary variations of any Yesteryear. The basic model was always produced in yellow with dark green plastic seats. The shade of yellow varies from the light lemon of early issues to a mustard yellow of models issued from 1968. Early issues have significantly more gold trim than applied later. The difference between early and late issues is clear from the picture above. The regular issues of the early models can be found between 30 and 50. Late issues are usually around 20.

Deviations from the usual colour of Yellow leads to some extremely rare issues. The first issue was produced in a pale cream colour and can command over 300. Issues can also be found in the same maroon colour as used for the Y13-1 Santa Fe. These can be found with the regular wheels and also a small batch of models were fitted with the wheels of the Y6-2 Bugattis. All these maroon version can exceed 1000 at auction.


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