Y15-2 1930 Packard Victoria

Issued 1969 Scale 1:46 navigation buttons
Withdrawn - orig.price 0.50
Available Box Types

Packard specialised in expensive motor vehicles. Its cheaper models produced early in the company's history did not meet with much success. The 1930 Packard Victoria was one of the most expensive cars available in the USA at the time.

The Yesteryear model was first produced in 1969. During our time period this model only appeared with a metallic brown body and a dark brown chassis. The seats and hood can be found in maroon or or dark red and the plastic grille was produced in maroon or bright red. Models with maroon seats are the scarcest issue but still regularly found at swapmeets. This model can usually be found between 15 and 30, depending on the issue, in mint boxed condition.

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