Y15-1 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Issued 1960 Scale 1:55 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1969 orig.price 0.18
Available Box Types

This Yesteryear model the first of several Rolls Royces in the range. It was this model that sparked the interest of collectors following its review in the 'Veteran and Vintage' magazine.

This model is smaller in scale than the other Silver Ghost in the range and was always finished in a light metallic green. The shade of earlier models is slightly lighter than those produced later in the long production run. Original road wheels where finished in silver with bolt head detail on the rims. The wheel colour was changed to a brass finish and the bolt head detail omitted on later issues. The picture shows the second issue and the eighth issue which was produced much later. The first issue has the rear light painted red and a silver rear number plate. This extra trim was omitted on later issues. The first two issues have grey knobbly tyres and can be found for around 50. Later models sport black tyres and are usually found for between 20 and 30. One quite scarce issue has dark green seats rather than the more usual black seats. This issue is usually priced at more than 60.

Early wheels, on the left, had grey knobbly tyres and bolt head detail. Later wheels were much simpler.   Early steering wheels had more detail than those appearing later in production

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