Y14-2 1911 Maxwell Roadster

Issued 1965 Scale 1:49 navigation buttons
Withdrawn - orig.price 0.19
Available Box Types

This model of this little American car was the first of the early Yesteryears in my collection. I only have one variant in an E type box. The original release only appeared in this turquoise colour scheme. However, it did re appear in 1984 as part of the 'Connoisseurs Collection' in a shade of beige.

The main variations are in the colour of the grille (black or tan) or in the colour of the plated petrol tank and fire extinguisher. My example has a brass fire extinguisher as opposed to the more common version in a copper colour.

Expect to pay around 15 for most issues at swapmeets. The first issue, having a brass petrol tank rather than the more common copper version, is the most desirable variant. Expect to pay over 60 for this issue.


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