Y12-1 1899 London Horse Drawn Bus

Issued 1959 Scale 1:100 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1967 orig.price 0.14
Available Box Types

The horse drawn bus was a common sight on the streets of London at the end of the nineteenth century. The last horse drawn bus of the General Omnibus Company Limited ran in October 1911.

The Yesteryear model remained in the 'London Bus' red throughout its production life. However, the early horses were a much lighter brown than later issues. The horse bar of the first issues was attached to the body using a single rivet. As production commenced it was realised that this joint required strengthening an so a second rivet was added.

All issues can be found for between 50 and 80 at swapmeets in mint boxed condition. The model illustrated was my first first series model. I have now replaced this with a mint boxed example of an issue 1 model.


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