Y11-3 1938 Lagonda Drophead Coupe

Issued 1972 Scale 1:43 navigation buttons
Withdrawn - orig.price 0.50
Available Box Types

This 1938 Lagonda (an LG45) was an extremely fast and luxurious motor car designed by W. O. Bentley. The flowing lines and the helmet like spare wheel carriers are typical of Lagondas produced in the late 1930s.

Before the temporary halt to Yesteryear production these models were only produced in this gold and 'red' colour scheme. There are only four recognised variations that only relates to the shade of 'red'. By far the most common issue is depicted in the picture. The 'red' in this issue is in fact dark maroon. This model is quite hard to find and is usually for sale between 25 and 35. The 'reds' of the other three issues are metallic purple, dark red and strawberry red. The purple variation is one of the most sought after Yesteryears fetching in the region of 750. The other two are also very rare fetching up to 300.


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