Y11-2 1912 Packard Landaulet

Issued 1964 Scale 1:50 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1972 orig.price 0.25
Available Box Types

The Packard Motor Car Company came into being in 1902. However the company was originally started as the New York and Ohio Automobile Company by brothers James and William Packard in 1898. In 1901 the name of the company was changed to the Ohio Automobile Company and changed again in 1902 when the company became the Packard Motor Company. The product range was aimed at the top end of the market and its cheaper lines were not particularly successful.

The Packard Landaulet modelled by Lesney was apparently based on an example purchased and restored by Henry Austin Clark Jr. The information on the box stated that the car could then be seen at the Long Island Automotive Museum. I have no idea if it is still there!

The Lesney model only appeared in this red colour scheme although the shade of red did vary slightly during production. The early issues were quite a dark red. The final issue has a distinctly orangy tone. Early models were fitted with a four pronged spare wheel carrier and a metal steering wheel. These were replaced by the 'standard' three pronged carrier and a plastic steering wheel in later issues.

The wheels of this model can be found occasionally in unplated form. Although a negative variation these are quite collectable. The picture shows issue 1 with unplated wheels and issue 4 with the plastic steering wheel.

Most issues can be found at swapmeets for between 15 and 25. The first issue carries a small premium and can be identified by a baseplate varying slightly from the other issues.

Be careful when cleaning this model as the transfer crest on its side is quite delicate.


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