Y11-1 1920 Aveling & Porter Road Roller

Issued 1958 Scale 1:80 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1964 orig.price 0.14
Available Box Types

This was the third (or fourth counting the Sentinel) steam road vehicle in the yesteryear range and was still in regular use around the roads of Britain during the time of first issue. It is actually quite a neat little first series model and goes well with the Y1 Allchin and the Y9 Fowler.

Only appearing in green , there are only a few variations to look out for. The main variations can be found in the colour of the roof supports (either black or green) and the fly wheel (either brown or black). The roof supports vary in length but this does not generally count as a collectible variation. The amount of gold trim reduced during the production life of this model. The first issue had 'full' gold trim including the maker's plate. This issue is quite rare and can be found in mint boxed condition above 200. The makers plate was soon left unpainted and subsequent issues can be found on sale at swapmeets between 70 and 120.


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