Y10-2 1928 Mercedes Benz 36-220

Issued 1963 Scale 1:52 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1969 orig.price 0.20
Available Box Types

The model chosen by Lesney to replace the GP Mercedes was the Mercedes Benz 36-220 produced from 1927. This model is the S type (Sports) and was slightly less powerful than the SS type introduced a year later. The Coupe version of the SS was modelled by Lesney and appeared as Y16-2. The S type was quite an eye catcher when it first went on display, with its low slung chassis and Porsche developed supercharger.

There are only a few variations of this model to find. The number of spare wheels can be either one or two. The two wheel version is slightly scarcer and can be found between 30 and 60. The other version can usually be found for 20 to 40. However the single wheel issue I have was purchased in almost mint and boxed condition for 5. Bargains can be found if you look around!

There is one famous variation that can exceed 1000 at auction and is extremely rare. This is the first issue which has black seats rather than the common bright red versions.


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