Y10-1 1908 'Grand Prix' Mercedes

Issued 1958 Scale 1:54 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1963 orig.price 0.12
Available Box Types

This Mercedes represents the car driven by Christian Lautenschlager when he won the1908 French Grand Prix beating two Benz cars into second and third place. This was the last great Mercedes victory for some years, because Daimler, the owner of the Mercedes name, withdrew from racing due to the extremely high costs.

The Yesteryear model is quite small. The scale does not really do justice to the car which had an enormous 12.8 litre engine. There are few major variations to collect. The colour is usually cream although white body issues can be found and are quite rare. The seats can be either painted light or dark green.

As with some other first series models early issues have crimped axles which were soon changed to the riveted version.

At swapmeets this model can be found for between 60 and 100 for the more usual issues. However, the white issues can command in excess of 160.


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