Steering Wheels
  The steering wheels evolved through the production life of Yesteryears. Where the models required one, the first series models had steering wheels designed specifically for the vehicle to which they were attached.

By the introduction of the second series some rationalisation had taken place. The early second series models had very similar metal steering wheels with a colour to match the body. The exception to this colouring was the early Y11 Packard where the steering wheel was bare steel and brass plated, much the same as the Y7 Mercer.

These metal steering wheels were eventually replaced with a much cheaper to produced, plastic variant as shown in the pictures below.

The metal steering wheel replaced with the cheaper, plastic variant
  The models receiving the change of steering wheel throughout their production life were
Y1-2 Model T Ford
Y2-2 Renault
Y3-2 Benz
Y11-2 Packard

The plasitc steering wheels also evolved through production. This can be seen on the Y13 Daimler where the plastic steering wheel originally had 5 spokes and given details not seen on other models. This gave way to the common 4 spoke variant.

The two versions of the steering wheel used for the Y1301 Daimler
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