Spare Wheels
  Four of the first series models sported external spare wheels, or rather three had spare wheels, (Y5 Bentley,Y8 Morris and the Y15 Rolls Royce) with the Y10 Mercedes having two spare tyres mounted behind the rear petrol tank.

Almost all of the later models had external spare wheels or tyres the exception being the Y4 Shand Mason (really a first series?), the Y8 Sunbeam motor cycle, the Y1 Ford, the Y4 Opel and the Y11 Lagonda, although the lagonda does show off two instantly recognisable spare wheel carriers either side of its bonnet.

On two of the models (the Y2 Renault and the Y11 Packard) the early spare tyre carriers had four prongs keeping the tyre in place. However, these carriers were replaced during the life of the models with a three pronged version.

  The four pronged carrier giving way to the three pronged version

Most of the other models either had three pronged carriers or the tyres/wheels mounted directly onto the body.

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