Plastic Components
  Plastic was used extremely sparsely for the first series models until the introduction of the Y15-1 Rolls Royce.

From this point plastic was increasingly used to produce parts of high detail, the firemen of the Y4 Shand Mason and the early steering wheel of the Y12 Daimler being prime examples.

Fold down hoods and seats of all second series models were made of plastic. Early models had the hoods attached to pins cast onto the body. As production techniques evolved the body pins were replaced by plastic lugs formed on the seats. Thus the seats and hood could be inserted into the model as one unit. Example of this evolution can be seen through the production life of the following models.

Y4-3 Opel
Y9-2 Simplex
Y12-2 Thomas

It must be remembered by collectors that the plastic components of early models were prone to shrinking and fading and should therefore be kept out of direct sunlight

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