My Models

This page lists all the models in my collection.
The issue numbers refer to the descriptions in
The Yesteryear Book 1956-1996
published by M.I.C.A.

Model Issue Box Comments
Y1-1 Allchin 19 - a scarce model with silver boiler door
Y1-2 Ford 2 D2  
  4 F  
Y2-1 London Bus 5 A Grey grenodised wheels, blue driver
  20 - a scarce model with black wheels
Y2-2 Renault 1 D1 a rare variation
  1 D1 an even rarer variation with unplated windscreen and front wheels (silver)
  7 F the last issue of this model
Y2-3 Vauxhall 1 F  
Y3-1 Tramcar 13 - open access to the upper deck
Y3-2 Benz 1 E Cream body , dark green roof. A rare variation with open rear wing infill web
  5 F Light green body, chatreuse roof
  12 F Dark green body, black roof
Y4-1 Sentinel 2 - crimped wheels
Y4-2 Shand Mason 3 - Kent fire brigade, white horses
Y4-3 Opel 3 E body pins
  7 F seat pins
Y5-1 Bentley 4 - gold radiator shell (2 models)
Y5-2 Bentley 8 D2 (2 models)
Y5-3 Peugeot 2 F  
Y6-1 AEC Lorry 3 -  
Y6-2 Bugatti 3 D1 Blue
  8 - Red
Y6-3 Cadillac 8 F  
Y7-1 Leyland Van 2 -  
Y7-2 Mercer 2 C Lilac with black knobbly tyres.
  5 D3 Lilac
  9 - Yellow
Y7-3 Rolls Royce 3 F Silver body, grey roof
  8 F Silver body, red roof
Y8-1 Morris 2 -  
Y8-2 Sunbeam 1 - Issue 1 but with sidecar axle brace. (not catalogued)
  2 E1  
Y8-3 Stutz 1 F  
Y9-1 Fowler 2 A Dark Maroon
Y9-2 Simplex 1 E1 Scarce, Lime green body
  2 E1 Mid green body
  7 G gold body, red chassis
Y10-1 Mercedes 1 - crimped axles
  5 B a scarce variation with crimped axles.
  7   riveted axles
Y10-2 Mercedes 2 D3 2 spare wheels
  3 D3 1 spare wheel
Y11-1 Steam Roller 3 - black flywheel
Y11-2 Packard 1 D1 4 prong wheel carrier
  4 F 3 prong wheel carrier
Y11-3 Lagonda 4 G dark maroon chassis (two models)
Y12-1 Horse Bus 1 B 1 horsebar rivet
  4 - 2 horsebar rivets
Y12-2 Thomas 2 E body pins
  5 F seat pins
Y13-1 American Gen 8 D1 (two models)
Y13-2 Daimler 1 E Black seats, 5 spoke steering wheel
  9 F Dark red seats, 4 spoke steering wheel
Y14-1 Duke of Con 1 B Full gold trim
  5 - issue 5 but with no gold trim (a negative variation)
Y14-2 Maxwell 4 E scarce with a brass fire extinguisher. Box E is not listed.
Y15-1 Rolls Royce 2 C scarce with grey tyres
  8 D3 black tyres
Y15-2 Packard 2 G  
Y16-1 Spyker 3 - Pale lemon, full gold trim
  14 E Mustard yellow
Y16-2 Mercedes 2 G (two models)
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