The baseplates were often cast with the name of the model, together with its Yesteryear number. Some issues of a particular model may have holes within the baseplate whilst others have none. These holes were intended to enable the model to be used as part of the giftware range if required, i.e. it could be screwed onto a wooden box, ashtray or other such gift item. At present this giftware range is not covered in detail by these pages.

A comparison between two baseplates of the Y15-1 Rolls Royce
The baseplate of two issues of the Y15-1 Rolls Royce
The issue below is from a later date and shows the
baseplate holes.

  Some models had baseplates with great detail. For example the Y16 Mercedes has the sump and propshaft cast into the baseplate. The first issues of this model also had the rear differential cast but was removed on later issues to enable easier attachment of the rear axle.