Y12-2 1909 Thomas Flyabout

Issued 1967 Scale 1:48 navigation buttons
Withdrawn - orig.price 0.26
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The Thomas Flyabout was the winner of the New York to Paris race in 169 days in 1908. The Model 'K' 6-70, of which the Yesteryear is an example, was claimed to be the fastest luxury car in production.

Before the production of Yesteryears temporarily ceased production in 1973 the Y12-2 only appeared with a metallic blue body and chassis. The seats were generally dark red. However the first issue is one of the notorious rarities having yellow seats. This model is in the extremely rare category and commands up to 1000. The roofs of the very early issues were attached to body pins. This method of attachment was soon changed and later models used seat pins. The roof is usually tan and smooth but some issues exist sporting tan textured roofs.

Most issues, other than the yellow seat version, can be purchased for between 15 and 25 in mint boxed conditions.

Body pins on the left and seat pins on the right

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