The first tyres to be fitted appeared on the Y5-1 Bentley, issued in 1958. Four of the 'first series' models were adorned with tyres.

Tyres on the early issues of the Y15-1 Rolls Royce were 'knobbly' i.e. the tread pattern was exaggerated. Later issues had a fine, almost unperceivable tread pattern. This change is also observed through the production life of some of the early 'second series' models. These models are:

Y6-2 Bugatti
Y7-2 Mercer
Y16-1 Spyker

All later models sported fine treaded tyres.

The colour of the tyres on the early issues of the Rolls Royce, Bugatti and the Spyker was light grey. All other tyres were moulded in black. Experimental tyres were produced for other models in a light grey/white colour but none of these were released into production.

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