To Do!

This web site will be constantly under development, as my collection grows and when I have enough time to beef up some of the articles. The following lists some of the main items I propose to include/do. If you have any other suggestions please email me or fill out my guestbook.

  • Add more detail to the Components Section including more pictures and examples

  • Add a swapmeet report

  • Pep up the pages using Java script

  • Add a Yesteryear quiz

  • Add an events section listing swapmeets and toy fairs

Development dates

Spring 1997: Site started
August 1997: Pages uploaded and testing begun
1st September 1997: Site officially 'published' and advertised
20th September 1997: Corrected some site errors and a bit of rearrangement
24th September 1997: Completed Model Descriptions
26th September 1997: Added Glossary and improved Contents section
9th October 1997: Added the Yesteryear Screen Saver
17th October 1997: Changed fonts and reformated slightly for IE4
19th October 1997: Added section on Collectors Catalogues
28th October 1997: Added new pictures and FAQ section
29th October 1997: Added giftware section
1st November 1997: Added more catalogues.
9th November 1997: More catalogues plus some tidying up. I'm running out of web space!
10th November 1997: Sorry I've had to remove the screen saver as I have run out of my 5 Mb of web space!
16th November 1997: Added the 1970 catalogue. Received the 2000th visitor
17th December 1997: Added more catalogues and revamped the catalogue pages.
2nd January 1998: Some tidying up. Received the 4000 th visitor
4th January 1998: Added Search Engine for JavaScript enabled browsers only, Sorry!
Added 1958 catalogue.

8th February1998:

Corrected search page to work with version 3 of the browsers

4th October 1998:

Corrected come corrupt links. Tidied up and updated personal bits.

29th March 2001:

A long awaited revamp, including the use of frames for those browsers that support them.

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