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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Glossary

Baseplate - The chassis and underside of the model

Baseplate holes - holes cast to enable fixing of the model to giftware items

Boxes - collectable boxes in which the models were originally sold

Brace - a strengthening piece of metal used to remove weaknesses in the model usually apparent after the first few issues

Castings - metal components

Chassis - the lower frame of the vehicle

Crimped - early type of axle applied to first series models up to 1960

Dealer - a specialist in collectibles. Expect to pay top prices from dealers but they generally have the best selection of models including rare variations

Decal - printed labels produced on special paper. When wet this paper allows the decal to slide off and be placed on the model

Dies - tools from which model components are cast

Factory Fresh - refers to the condition of the model and box as it left the factory. Not as exacting as mint as some minor chips would still enable the model to pass quality control

Fettling - process by which excess metal (flashing) is removed from castings by tumbling them in a rotating drum

First series - the first 16 models produced by Lesney

Flashing - excess metal present in small cavities or around the edges of the model. Removed by fettling

Friday afternoon models - used to describe models made unofficially by the workforce and illegally removed from the factory and sold to collectors. These can produce some odd colour schemes etc. but only official models are really collectible

Giftware - a range of Yesteryears first released in 1962. Standard models were vacuum plated in gold or silver by a Lesney subsidiary, 'Lesney Industries'. These models were then attached to ashtrays, boxes etc.

Grenodised - a chemical treatment applied to cast metal components giving them a dull grey coloured finish. See for example the wheels of the Y6-1 AEC Lorry and the Y7-1 Leyland Lorry

Issue Number - indicates the order in which the models were made and distributed for sale

Lesney Products and Co. Ltd. - founded in 1947 , went public in 1960 and in 1982 went into receivership. First and some second series models were marked Lesney on the baseplate. Later this was expanded to Lesney Products & Co. Ltd.

Lugs - a protruding piece of casting which locates one piece to another

MICA - The Matchbox International Collectors Association founded in 1985

Mint - the condition of a model or box. This is quite an exacting standard and strictly refers to models with no chips or scratches and no faded parts. Boxes must be uncreased, unfaded with no tares to be described as mint. A less exacting standard is 'factory fresh'

MOBIL - joint promotion between the Mobil Oil Company and Lesney in the 1960s

MOY - a short hand term for the Models of Yesteryear range

Negative Variation - models released missing the required trim or decoration. Not usually given any status by collectors

Painted Trim - integral diecast components painted in gold, silver or brass finish. Painted trim was applied by hand and examples include radiator shells, bonnet catches etc.

Plated Parts - diecast parts are barrel plated to have a silver or brass finish

Pre production - models produced for evaluation of construction or sales potential. These models were not intended for sale and often contain differences compared with the released models

Production Variations - range from unforeseen production problems to planned modifications

Progressive Variations - casting modifications to strengthen or improve a particular area of a model. Throughout the production of a model, improvements or repairs to the tools may have been necessary. Such modifications include the addition or deletion of rivets, locating tabs or stiffening braces

Riveted - the technique of joining components by flattening the head of a pillar of metal after it has been inserted through a locating hole in the part to be joined

Rochford - one of the last Lesney factories to be opened. Rochford is in Essex (UK) and is close to Southend-on-Sea

Second series - models introduced to the range as the original models were withdrawn. Generally refers to most of the models produced in the 1960s

Swapmeet - a toy fair dedicated to collectors. An ideal place to find old Yesteryears

Tonneau - the fabric cover fitting that covers the interior of a car

Transfer - see Decals

Variations - a variation occurs when the manufacturer makes a major or minor change to the model. The collection of variations is an important aspect of the hobby

Yesteryears - a short hand term for the Models of Yesteryear range

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