1970 Collector's Catalogue GB Edition
  This is the largest Matchbox catalogue to date, being 64 pages, and is mainly dedicated to the promotion of the superfast range. No 'interesting fact' articles are included. The Yesteryear models are covered in a similar manner to the year before. In fact most of the pictures of the Yesteryears are the same as the previous year with a simple change of colour scheme where necessary.
Pages 52-53
The first four Models of Yesteryear available in 1970. The only change is in the colour of the Y3 Benz. It is illustrated here in its final colour scheme of dark green and black.
Pages 54-55
There are no changes in the next four models.
Pages 56-57
The Y9 Simplex is pictured in its final colour scheme of gold and dark red and the Y10 is now in a colour closer to that actually released.
Pages 58-59
The only new model (and new picture) is the Y15 Packard Victoria.
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