1969 Collector's Catalogue USA Edition
  This is the first edition of the 1969 catalogue. The Matchbox Motorway is advertised for the first time. The Yesteryear models are covered in some detail and there is a section on the 'History of the Wheel'. This U.S.A. issue has the address of Fred Bonner Corporation (the importers of Matchbox toys to the US) on the back with the statement that "Prices in this catalog may be slightly higher west of the Rocky Mountains"!
The first four Models of Yesteryear available in 1969. This is the first time the models are illustrated in a fitting setting. Note the 3-pronged wheel carrier illustrated on the Y2 Renault and the light green colour of the Y3 Benz Limousine.
The Peugeot is shown as the replacement for the Y5 Bentley. However was issued in a yellow colour scheme rather than the blue illustrated. The Y8 Sunbeam Motor cycle is shown for the last time.
This is the last time that the Y10 Mercedes is advertised.
The final four models. Note the red seats of the Y13 Daimler. The Y15 Rolls Royce is shown in a light silver. It was actually issued in various shades of green.
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