1969 Collector's Catalogue GB 2nd Edition
  This is the second edition of the 1969 catalogue, This second edition mentions the superfast range but only regular wheels are shown. The Yesteryear models are covered in some detail and there is a section on the 'History of the Wheel'. There are a few changes to the models in the various ranges since the first edition.
The first four Models of Yesteryear available in 1969. Note the 3-pronged wheel carrier illustrated on the Y2 Renault and the light green colour of the Y3 Benz Limousine. There are no changes since the first edition.
The Y5 Peugeot is now shown in its correct yellow colour scheme. The Y8 Stutz replaces the Sunbeam motor cycle.
The Y10 Rolls Royce shown here replaced the Mercedes and is pictured in silver with maroon seats. The actual model issued this year was lime and gunmetal in colour. The silver version did not appear until 1979.
There have been no changes to the final four models since the first edition.
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