1968 Collector's Catalogue UK Edition
  Nine interesting facts about motoring are presented. These 'Did you know?' questions included the fact that the first petrol car was invented in 1855, that the land speed record was 600.101 m.p.h. and that children in over 130 countries play with "Matchbox" models! A section on the materials used in making "Matchbox" models is included.
Page 29   The first Yesteryear page. Here we have a short introduction and a claim that each model is an authentic replica.
Pages 30-31
The first eight Yesteryear Models. The colour of the Benz limousine has changed from cream to mid green. The Y6 red Bugatti has been replaced by the Cadillac but it is illustrated in blue. It was, in fact, released in light gold with red seats. The Y7 Mercer has been replaced by a Rolls Royce which is illustrated in yellow and black. It was first released in a dark silver and was not issued in yellow until the 1970's.

Pages 32-33

The final Yesteryear Models. All the first series models have now been replaced (apart from the Y15 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost which isn't really a first series model!). The Y9 Simplex is shown for the first time and the Thomas Flyabout takes the place of the Horse drawn bus as Y12.
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