1967 Collector's Catalogue UK Edition
  A Catalogue similar in style to the 1966 edition. On page three of the catalogue it is claimed that the "Matchbox" produced Ford Mustang had beaten the numbers produced of the real car - in just a few weeks since its introduction! Giftware items are advertised for the first time.
Pages 32-33
The first seven Models of Yesteryear available in 1967. The Shand Mason has been replaced by the Opel Coupe.
Pages 34-35
The remaining nine Yesteryear models plus one prospective model. The final model illustrated was due to replace an item to be withdrawn that year. The Y13 Daimler now sports dark red seats rather than the earlier black versions. This was the last catalogue to illustrate 'first series' models. The prospective replacement model illustrated is the Thomas Flyabout. This is in a red and black colour scheme. The model was actually released in blue and not issued in red until much later.
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