1965 Collector's Catalogue International Edition
Front Page   This catalogue is very much like that produced the previous year. The style is virtually identical with only a handful of models changing.
  The first six Models of Yesteryear available in 1965. This was the last year to see the Y3 Tram and the blue Y6 Bugatti. The Y5 Bentley is illustrated with green seats and tonneau. However the issue for this year had seats and tonneau in red. This is the first appearance of the Model T Ford and the London Fire Brigade Shand Mason.
The remaining ten Yesteryear models plus one prospective model. There are no changes to the models illustrated on these pages. The prospective mode is the Maxwell Roadster which is illustrated in deep blue with grey hood and black seats, a colour scheme in which the Maxwell was never issued. The Y8 Sunbeam motorcycle is still shown with a black side car seat.
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