1962 Pocket Catalogue
  This catalogue clearly shows the technique of adding colour to black and white photographs of the models. There are 20 pages including the 1-75 range, major packs, King Size accessories, painting books and, of course, MOYs.
The first twelve Models of Yesteryear available in 1962. This was the last year to see the first series Bentley and the Y8 Morris. The Shand Mason Fire Engine is illustrated as being from the Hythe Fire Brigade. The actual first release was from the Kent Fire Brigade. The only other issue was from the London Fire Brigade.
  The remaining ten Yesteryear models. The Y16 Spyker is coloured green. Issues in this colour can be found but it is in the extremely rare category. The usual colour scheme is yellow. The prospective models are illustrated as rather splendid line drawings. These are the Bentley and the Sunbeam motor cycle.
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