Line Drawing

  The first fifteen models to be issued were packaged in the line drawing boxes. A black line drawing of the model is presented on a white background. This is surrounded by yellow on which red lettering is printed. The manufacturer is stated as Lesney. There are three types of this line drawing box being distinguished by the end flaps.

Type A
The number of the model appears in black on a blue background. Type A boxes were only produced for models Y1-1 to Y9-1.

  Type B
The endflap number appears in blue in a white circle. Type B boxes are not known for models Y5-1, Y6-1 and Y7-1.

Type C
The endflap number is red in a white circle. Also used for the first replacement models to form the second series. These were Y4-2, Y6-2 and Y7-2.


Picture Boxes

Larger boxes than the original line drawing boxes to package the new larger models introduced from 1960.

  Type D1
The illustration of the model is now in colour on a plane yellow background. The words 'Models of Yesteryear' are printed above the drawing.

Type D2
The picture of the model now has a detailed picture background.

  Type D3
A less complicated picture background. The lettering 'Models of Yesteryear' is replaced with 'Matchbox'.

The end flap of the Type D box gives the name of the model and model number in white

  Type E
The end flaps now have a picture of the model and the word 'Matchbox' in red

Type E1
The registered trademark is added after 'Matchbox'


Window Boxes

In order to present the models on the shelves of large shops and supermarkets the window box was developed which enabled the model inside to be viewed.

  Type F
Introduced in 1968. The boxes were yellow with a band of pink running down the left hand side. The card insert was generally blue or yellow.
Type G
The pink band is replaced by a purple band. This box was the last to see the 'regular wheel' Yesteryears. It was withdrawn in 1972.

Miscellaneous Mobil

Models of Yesteryear featured in a promotion for Mobil, a petrol company, in the mid 1960s. Mobil supplied its own orange window boxes. Six models were used; Y2-2, Y3-2, Y5-2, Y6-2, Y8-2 and Y10-2.
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