I'm Mark Robbins and I am mad, or so Adele, my ever suffering wife keeps telling me. I'm obsessed with little toy cars. Ah, but not any old cars. The 'old cars' that interest me so much are the familiar Models of Yesteryear.

I have been collecting Matchbox Models of Yesteryear for several years but only since 1995 has my hobby become an obsession! It was back in 1985, however, that my collection really started. That year I left school for the freedom and parties of University. During that long summer I was employed by Matchbox on the production line of their Rochford factory.

I worked on the pre-school plastic toys but in a nearby production area Yesteryears where coming off the production line at a great rate. During this time I purchased many current models from the staff shop.

My main interest now, however, is in the models produced between 1956, when Yesteryears were first produced, and 1972 when production temporarily stopped. Models produced after 1972 lost the charm and 'realistic' wheels of the earlier releases and although I have a reasonable collection of these later models I do not actively hunt these down.

I hope you find these pages interesting. They have absolutely no official connection with Tyco, Matchbox Collectibles, Mattel or any other owner of the Matchbox name! They are my personal pages and any opinion expressed is solely my own. They aim to guide you around my collection of these early models and give you some idea to the variants available. Don't forget to have a look at my collection of "Matchbox" Collector's Catalogues.

No collection is ever complete and mine is being added to all the time. I hope to update this site accordingly so please revisit occasionally.

If you have any comments on this site please send me an email or sign my guestbook.

Maybe in the future, if the response to this site is favourable, I will produce a site for my collection of later models.

Happy Collecting


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